The band’s line-up was well known in the UK in its previous incarnations ‘Sta-Prest’ (linked to the ‘Post-Punk Mod Revival’ movement) and ‘Cry Dyann. Throughout Germany they also found great success as ‘Cryssis’, with drummer Vom Ritchie of ‘Doctor and The Medics’ and ‘Die Toten Hosen’ fame.

The new album contains 12 tracks of new songs written by Dick York, with production by Gareth Young.

No strangers to large audiences, Dick York, guitar and lead vocals, Clive Kemp, guitar, Steve Smart, Bass guitar, Jay Harrison, Drums and , Guest drummer Vom Ritchie have played as lead support to the likes of ‘The Drop Kick Murphys’, ‘Frank Turner’, ‘Die Artze’ and The Undertones. 

In December 2017 they have a 14 day tour as main support to Peter and The Test Tube Babies.
(Locations/dates below).

In 1976, Dick York, Steve Smart and Clive Kemp all attended Beauchamp’s Comprehensive School in Wickford, Essex. With the launching of the ‘Punk Rock’ era, the three decided to buy guitars and become part of the music scene. Dick Formed a band called ‘Sta Prest’, Steve joined the ‘Steve Hooker Band’, and Clive formed ‘The School Bullies’. 

Dick’s band ‘Sta-Prest’ enjoyed early success, signing with ‘Ronnie Scott’s Agency’ in London.

After much courting from the major labels EMI and Polydor, they signed a recording contract with ‘Avatar Records’ and ‘Screen Works’. Clive and Steve both worked in the Sta -Prest family, teching for the band. 

‘Sta-Prest’ were linked to the ‘Post-Punk Mod Revival’ movement, and played with ‘Secret Affair’, ‘The Purple Hearts’ and ‘Merton Parkas’. Although they recorded the legendary single ‘School Days’, in 1979, after much contract wrangling, they finally released the song in 1980. 

Dick left ‘Sta-Prest’ in 1980 and formed ‘Cry Dyann’ with Steve, Clive, and a young drummer called Vom Ritchie, who today plays with the ‘Euro Punk’ sensation ‘Die Toten Hosen’. 

During the years with ‘Cry Dyaan’, Dick honed his song writing skills, and the band were celebrated as ‘the band to watch’ in 1982, when they won ‘Band of the Year’. However, once again dogged by poor management and broken promises, Dick, Clive and Steve decided to disband and get ‘proper jobs’. 

Dick joined the police force, Clive worked for a local authority, and Steve became an investment banker. Vom continued a career in music, playing with ‘Doctor and The Medics’ (of ‘Spirit in the Sky’ fame), afterwards moving to Germany to join ‘Die Toten Hosen’. 

In 2008, Vom contacted Dick and persuaded him to restart his music career. Dick retired from the police service, and the two formed a band called ‘Cryssis’, which found great success in Germany.

‘Cryssis’ released two albums, Simple Men’ in 2011 and ‘Kursaal Nights’ in 2013, touring with ‘The Drop Kick Murphys’, ‘Frank Turner’ and ‘Die Artze’. 

In 2014, Steve and Clive, who were now both retired from their ‘proper’ jobs, met up with Vom and Dick, and the original four reunited for a show in Dusseldorf, to play ‘Cry Dyann’ songs. 

Since getting back together and to fit with their history, the original three, Dick, Steve and Clive, have formed a new band called ‘Dick York and the Originals’ and have recorded a new album to be released in June 2017. 
The new album will be released to 100 digital stores and
all major outlets from the 23rd June

Listen to their sample track ‘Play Again’

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